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NHS GP PRACTICE SURVEY 2024 – Seeking your response and feedback 

Your Practice team has been working together to improve access to GP services and raise the bar on patient experience and satisfaction and thank you for working with us to improve feedback.

In early January 2024, around 2.4 million randomly selected people registered with a GP practice in the UK will be invited to answer a GP Patient Survey questionnaire about their experiences. The findings help NHS England understand what’s working and what needs to improve, and may help to identify inequalities in experience too, as the results can be analysed across different protected characteristics.

If you receive an invitation, College Health and the Practice would like you to fill out the questionnaire and have your say, so that together we can deliver the best possible service to patients.

If you need support completing the survey or need it made available in another language or format, visit GP Patient Survey website or call the free helpline number 0800 819 9135.